Butterflies in Norman's Painting.

Norman painted many butterflies. This started from what was for Norman a moment of revelation. While in the garden of his cottage in Yorkshire he spent a long time observing a butterfly. What changed him was the idea that this was a beautiful thing that had no meaning. It was just fantastic to look at. I know that the way a butterfly looks is to do with attracting a mate, but this is not what Norman thought about. For him there was a very strong message. He had always tried very hard to convey a message, but here was nature making beauty, but with no message. For him it was a 'road to Damascus' moment. From this time onwards he tried not only to convey his message, but also to make it beautiful. Without beauty, the message either did not matter or would not be noticed.

Butterfly. 1987

Butterfly. 1960.


Butterfly. 1991.

Golden Crucifixion. 1993.