We are taking part in an open studio even over the next two week-ends. Norman's studio (rebuild after the fire) will be open on the 7th and 8th of July. I will be showing some of Norman's work, and also some of Anna's and some of Jacob's. This includes recent prints made from paintings lost in the fire and some rescued watercolours.



This is part of the Three Peaks Art Tarail (https://www.threepeaksarts.co.uk/art-trail).



On Saturday 7th July there will ba a reading of Anna's poems by John Killick and family members from 4-5 pm. this will be in Norman's studio.



The postcode for the studio is BD24 0HD.



If you are unable to attend the studio will be visitable by appointement with me. My email is [email protected]

Planned, Current and Recent Exhibitions.

Book on Norman Adams by Nicholas Usherwood.

This book contains written contributions from Anna Adams, Sister Wendy Beckett, Lizzie Slater, Glyn Hughes and Derek Hyatt in addition to the main text by art critic Nicholas Usherwood. It also contains many reproductions of Norman's work ranging from some very early work dating from the 1940's through to the early 2000's. For a recent review of this book see page 73 of the spring edition of the RA magazine.


If you are interested in buying a copy (£25 including P&P)

please contact Ben Adams ( [email protected] ).


169 illustrations - 100 pages

Published by 108 Fine Art 2007.

285 x 240mm

ISBN 0-954781783. £25




Glyn Hughes, novelist and poet was a good friend to Norman. http://www.glynhughes.co.uk/

St Marys Church in Manchester (the hidden gem) house a  set of Norman's stations of the cross: http://hiddengem.catholicfaith.co.uk/album2/index.html

Our Lady of Lourds in Milton Keynes contain a set of Norman's stations of the Cross : http://www.robg3rce.plus.com/HTML_files/stations.htm