Oil Paintings from the 1980's

As well as painting the large commission for St. Mary’s in Manchester. (Click to go to web site) Norman painted many marvellous oil paintings. Below are some of these last oil paintings.

4514007091.jpg 4514007096.jpg 4514007100.jpg 4514007102.jpg

Golden Fruit. 1987. This is primarily a painting about the Garden of Eden. Adam was tempted to eat the apple, and become like a god. For me the painting is about temptation. The idea of fruit being the source of evil goes back to before Christianity. The Latin for apple (malum) also means evil. Thus, the confusion of fruit (and beauty) is something that runs deep in human mythology.

Winter Scene With Sheep and Rooks. 1985.

Death of Socrates. 1985-6.

The Way of the Artist. 1980.

The large Watercolor