The Stations of The Cross in Our Lady of Lourdes, Milton Keynes.

In 1975 Norman completed ceramic Stations of the Cross for The Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, Milton Keynes. These tiles are deliberately simple, telling the story of the passion. They were completed at the time when Norman's father was very ill, dying before the tiles were completed. For Norman they became a requiem for his father. The church also has an excellent web-site ( where they also show photographs of the stations.

4516367788.jpg 4516367800.jpg 4516367801.jpg 4516367804.jpg 4516367809.jpg 4516367812.jpg 4516367814.jpg 4516367819.jpg 4516367822.jpg 4516367825.jpg 4516367828.jpg 4516367834.jpg 4516367836.jpg 4516367839.jpg 4516367845.jpg

Christ is condemned.                Jesus receives the Cross.            Jesus falls for the first time.       Jesus meets his mother.

Simon takes the Cross.               Veronica wipes his face.              Jesus falls for the second time.   The women of Jerusalem                                                                                                                                                      mourn for Jesus.

Jesus is taken down from the Cross.     Jesus is laid in the grave.                                    The Resurrection.

Jesus falls a third time.           Jesus is stripped of his garments     Jesus is nailed to the Cross           Death on the Cross