Provence Watercolors.

In the spring of 1980 Norman and Anna travelled to Provence. Norman felt unable to travel to Scarp for health reasons. He had angina, and felt that a deserted island with no telephone or ferry service was not the place to have a heart attack. They had also had a very cold and wet winter in Yorkshire. They left snow behind in Ribblesdale, drove through sleet in the south of England, rain in northern France and arrived to bright sunshine in Provence. All through the 1980's they spent their summers in southern France, staying in modest hotels. The effect of the light, the scenery and the association with impressionist painters had an amazing effect on Norman’s watercolors.

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Cherry Orchard - Provence Spring. 1983.

Apricot trees covered with ivy - South France. 1983.

Cherry Orchard in the Ardeche. 1983.

Pradelles - Mausoleum in the Trees - Grazing Horse. 1983.

Oilve Trees - Provence. 1983.

Olive Grove - Provence - Very Hot Afternoon. 1983

Sunflowers - Spain. 1983.

Orchard in the Ardeche. 1983.

Sunflowers - Late Afternoon. 1983.

Olis from the 1980's