The Scarp Watercolors of the 1970's.

In 1970 Norman bought a corrugated iron crofters house on the island of Scarp. Every summer in the 1970's Norman and his family would go and live there. There was no electricity, telephone or mains drainage. Days were spent collecting driftwood to burn, catching fish (and lobsters) to eat, and painting.

The Atlantic from Scarp, 1971

The Sound of Scarp, looking towards north Harris, 1971

Evening Study from Scarp. 1970.

Sunrise From Scarp. 1976.

Delicate Sea, Faint Light, The Sound of Scarp. 1973.

Sunrise, Scarp Study, 1976.

Clouds with Bright Light. Atlantic from Scarp. 1977.

Fine Weather, Cearstaigh Bay with Small Boats. 1977