Scottish Watercolors from the early 1960's.

In the early 1960's Norman travelled extensively in northern Scotland. These trips resulted in many landscape watercolors.

A Great Rock at Evening, 1962 Coast Study - Tarskavaig, Skye. 1962. Evening Sea and Sandy Bay, 1962.

Loch Seaforth, 1962. Mountains, North Harris. 1962. The Paps of Jura, 1962.

Beach and Sea at Losgaintir, 1965 Roghadal, Fine Afternoon, 1965. Sea and Mountains from Sellebost (Harris) 1965.

Stormy Weather, Sgaresta, West Study at Loch Brittle-Skye. 1965 Sun Setting on the Sea, Tarskavaig.
Harris, 1965. 1965