Stations of the Cross in St, Mary's Church, Manchester.

02 Jesus Receives the Cross lr

Jesus recieves the cross.

01 Ecce Homo lr

Ecce Homo

03 The First Fall lr

The first fall.

04 Jesus Meet His Mother lr

Jesus meets his mother.

05 The Cross is Laid on Simon of Cyrene lr

The cross is laid on Simon

08 The Women of Jerusalem Morn for our Lord lr

Th women of Jerusalem weep for Jesus.

06 Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus lr

Veronica wipes his face

07 Second Fall lr

Jesus falls for a second time

09 The Third Fall lr
10 Jesus is Stripped of His Garments lr
11 Jesus is Nailed to the Cross lr
12 Death on the Cross lr
14 Jesus is Buried in the Tomb lr
13 The Pieta lr