The Large Watercolors.

During the 1990's Norman became less able to work with large oil paintings. He started to work on large watercolor paintings in his studio.

4514173252.jpg 4514173267.jpg

Dark Madonna, 2000.

This painting is one of a series painted shortly after Norman's mothers’ death. The figure could be his mother. The flowery womb says something about fertility, while the lowered head, with features facing down and so not seen, and her pose shows humility. The images to his mothers’ right show life with the bright colors of summer, while the images and colors to her left are those of death. Thus, the painting is about both mortality and fertility.

Silent Meeting, 2000.

For me this painting is about understanding. Two people meet in silence in a very busy place. They could be two sides of the same personality, the ego and the alter-ego, or east and west (a reaction to the problems of the time) or God and Allah. They could even be Norman and his mother meeting in heaven: This painting was painted shortly after his mother died.


The Refugees. 1995.

This was painted as a reaction to the plight of the Kurds after the first gulf war. People are crowded into a valley with everything they own. Angels, B52's or satellites look down at them from the sky.