Murals of The Pilgrims Progress in St. Anselms Church, Kennington.


In 1970 Norman was commissioned to paint murals for StAnselm’s Church (Kennington, London), choosing to base them on Bunyan's The Pilgrims Progress. The paintings are continuous down both sides of the church, the left wall taking one through The Wilderness of this World and The Slough of Despond, through the wicket gate to the interpreters house, then on to the place of enlightenment and to the battle with Apollyon. The right wall starts with The Valley of the Shadow of Death, then depicts Transfiguration finishing with The Celestial City.

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The Church of StAnselm's, Kennington, London.

The left wall reads from right to left showing The Wilderness of this World and The Slough of Despond (only half of which is shown) then through The Wicket Gate (glowing yellow) to The House of the Interpreter (blue). After this Pilgrim passes The Place of Enlightenment and then to battle with Apollyon.